Improve Business Workflow Using A Call Answering Service

Call Answering

It is a fact of life in business: if you are on the phone, answering a call from a customer, you are not doing anything else. You cannot complete an important report, you can’t attend vital meetings and you do not produce anything that can go towards making money.

To improve business workflow it is imperative you address the problem of answering call after call. Virtual receptionists, based within the UK, can take all the calls on behalf of the business and reward your clients with that “local” voice.

A call answering service consists of a dedicated team with a professional image, offering clients the right information and answering every call according to the requirements of the business.

To improve business workflow economically you should avoid two factors:

  • Do not employ a person, or persons, to answer the phone on behalf of the business. It is expensive and the operative still needs to be trained.
  • Do not get members of your team to answer the phone either. It is time-consuming, and inefficient and damages productivity.

Virtual receptionists within a call answering service are the way forward. Not only are you outsourcing, but you are not signing any contractual agreement and most call answering services come with a free trial – allowing you to see if you feel this way forward is right for you. It is also a chance for your team and business if the benefits of this service – seen working in action – are the right fit. Often you will find it is.

Every call that comes into the business is important. Each caller must be addressed as it is where the bread and butter of your business exists. Mistreat one caller and you could potentially be losing a lot of money and the reputation of your business could suffer too.

You should not expect callers to leave a message on voicemail either. Surveys have taken place by industry monitoring groups that show over 80 per cent of all callers want to deal with a real live voice and are not prepared to leave a message on voicemail, even if prompted.

You may also be surprised to learn that callers look for good service rather than cheaper prices. So, if you can handle the caller with respect, experience and professionalism, they are highly motivated to come back and do business with you time and time again.