Essential Tips To Ultimate Car Driving Experience


A Sport Utility Vehicle or SUV is one of the best vehicle investments you can make. They are the most versatile model of vehicles and also the most customizable. You can purchase a variety of models that cater to all tastes and, more importantly, lifestyles. If you are considering purchasing an SUV or already have, consider these methods of pushing your ownership experience to the max.

Sure you can buy a used or new one and simply drive it as is. But is that really all you want out of a vehicle? Your SUV can be customized in ways that make it suitable for your distinct lifestyle. Want a home on wheels, or a mobile office? What about a roaming toolshed used to fix plumbing issues or those inferior non-SUV cars? It can all be done.

Covert Mobile Home

If you opt to get an SUV with a DVD player built-in, they make amazing homes away from home. Lower the back seats, throw an air mattress down and pop your favourite cheesy 1980s action flick in. If you get cold or hot, just turn the engine on for a bit and change the internal weather. Who needs apartment quotes when you can settle for car insurance quotes?

Jack, It Up and Roll It Out

Getting a lift kit for your SUV is more than just to show off. Though that is all it is good for in most cities if you live out in the countryside or places with rough terrain, a lift kit can be nearly a necessity.

Lift kits will also help drastically if you live in an area prone to rainfall, or have to constantly for small rivers and bodies of water to get where you are going. This will also give you the ability to bail friends and family out of areas with rough terrain as the higher clearance will allow you to dominate in locations you would normally be high-centred.

All Hail The Contractor Wagon

Not only do SUVs allow you to lie the back seats down for a generous amount of storage space, but they are also designed to handle the serious weight that several hefty toolboxes can create. Once said tools are nicely organized and you have retrieved your 10mm from Doug (who needs to bring is own tools for once) you have a safe and covered place to lock your tools away for the night.

The New Office Space

Are you a courier, freelancer, notary, or for some reason need to be able to do office work on the go? Your SUV can be completely set up as a mobile office! You can start with the basics via a mobile hotspot, mobile printer/fax, and naturally your laptop. After that, you can go all the way with all kinds of kits and accessories to give your SUV a full-blown office makeover.

Automotive Audiophile

Do you love a phat bass line? Maybe you want to kick on some Norwegian death metal and let the people on the highway know that this SUV contains contents near insanity. Do some shopping around and have a professional install the sickest sound system your bank account or significant other will allow.

Let’em Know You’re There

You may think that every time you hear a vehicle that was obviously modified to be louder the driver is making up for inadequacies. This is because you have never had a straight-piped muffler yourself. Having your muffler modified will turn a quick run to the store into a party on the freeway that makes you feel like you are telling the whole world.

Pimp It

Maybe that isn’t the most professional term, but you know what it means. Get a paint job, some rims that match your taste, the coolest looking tires and all of the shiny vehicle accessories that help you express yourself. This will make your automotive experience into a matter of art. Don’t forget some banging seat covers and something to hang from your mirror.

What Wheel Drive?

On a more serious note, you need to take into consideration the transmission options your SUV offers. If you live in an urban area and are purchasing an SUV as a matter of taste and convenience’s like storage space, you can probably settle for a two-wheel-drive model. If you intend on hauling heavy loads, towing your friend’s vehicles or have lots of rough terrains and adverse weather conditions to deal with, consider four and all-wheel-drive.

Size Matters

SUV’s are not always boats on wheels. There are many smaller models that are far more gas efficient and still offer greater storage capacity and general versatility than most other vehicles. Take your basic vehicle needs into consideration while selecting the best automotive you have ever owned.

Roll Out

How you set up your SUV is up to you. You can choose to mix a few of these things together, or disregard all of them and come up with something never before seen. Always keep in mind that many customizations to vehicles are regulated by local laws. Be sure to have an understanding of these laws before handing professional thousands of dollars to give you a modification that will get your SUV impounded.