Effectively Space Planning Agile Offices

Agile Offices

Any agile or flexible working environment will have different furniture requirements to your standard office which houses static members of staff. The type of furniture procured as well as the way it is arranged can make all the difference to any office remodel.

If your company is new to agile working, keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to keep in mind when planning your new space.

What is Agile Working?

Agile working or hot desking is the process of a company’s employees being able to work from anywhere they like. This can include their own homes, satellite offices and even any fast food restaurant or café with WIFI.

Because staff don’t need to be office-based and can come and go as they please, they will usually have different furniture requirements which can make all the difference in how an office functions.

The goal is that no member of staff should have a desk they can label as their own, with staff entering the office and finding somewhere to sit on a first come first served basis.

What Are the Furniture Requirements?

That will depend on the way in which your business operates as well as the type of work your staff completes. Any architect’s office will still need a drawing table as well as a plotter so do keep in mind that you will still need to provide all vital pieces of furniture and equipment.

What you will find is that you will be able to purchase fewer desks and well as less storage cabinets as part of the ethos of the whole agile process is becoming paperless.

The benefit of all this is that office space can be used far more effectively and efficiently.

Office Space Planning

This process is where you’re able to trial any number of ideas that you may have and run them past your staff. The process is of course also vital for making sure that any furniture you buy will fit as intended. Start by;

  • Creating a floor plan for your office space. It should be dimensionally accurate and to scale.
  • Place the type of desk you’re looking at procuring onto this virtual drawing. The number of desks visible should represent the number you intend to buy.
  • Play around with the layout and add other items of furniture as required.

Ordering Your Furniture

The type of furniture that works best in any agile environment is the straight rectangular bench desk. This is because they can be laid back to back, ensuring that space is used effectively. White office desks from Andrew’s Office Furniture are the perfect solution and integrate well with most types of under-desk storage furniture. Feel free to approach several suppliers as the choice of furniture will likely be the same. Also, remember that each supplier will be able to help you with the space planning process.

Agile working is deemed by many to be the way forward so make sure you don’t get left behind – consider adopting it when you next refurbish your office space.