8 Reasons Why You Should Move To Penticton


Penticton along with the entire South Okanagan area has long been a tourist hotspot due to its natural beauty and amazing weather. In recent years Penticton in particular has evolved into a place that anyone would be proud to live in. The area offers something for everyone, young and old and for people of different lifestyles. From scenic parks to great shopping, fantastic eateries and high-quality schools Penticton seems to have it all.

If you are in search of a welcoming area to call home, then Penticton should top your list of the places to consider. We talked to a leading Penticton expert who shared why Penticton is a great place to live and why so many young professionals and families are flocking to the area to make it their home:

1. Penticton Has Affordable Residential Properties

Vancouver, British Columbia is notorious for being an expensive area to live and rightfully so. It is after all one of the most exciting and scenic regions of the world offering world-class amenities second to none. Despite being located in British Columbia, Penticton has plenty of affordable residential properties for sale including family houses and condos. There are also a number of real estate developments to cater to the growing demands of people looking to make it their home.

2. Penticton Has Amazing Weather

Penticton has mild and pleasant weather all year around. The summers are full of sunshine with an average high temperature of 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  The winters are not too severe with temperature highs of about 0 degrees C. or 32 degrees F. Compared to many other areas of Canada, Penticton has brag-worthy weather. The local climate is especially suitable for older people and those who have arthritis and joint pain.  

3. Penticton Has Great Accessibility

As mentioned earlier, Penticton has long been a tourist destination.  So it has always been well connected through busses to the surrounding areas. Nevertheless, as the city started to evolve into a more residential area accessibility has improved even more. Similar to most towns in British Columbia, Penticton is located near several major highways. Penticton also has slow lanes perfect for those who hate rush hour traffic.

4. Penticton Has an Abundance of Natural Beauty

Penticton is perfect for anyone looking to establish their roots away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The area has two scenic lakes with beautiful beaches where locals and tourists hang out during the summer. There are also a number of events held at the Penticton Lakeside which provide a dose of entertainment along with breathtaking views. One of the most significant local events is the annual Peachfest held every summer.  During the winter, the area is not too cold, and the hilly regions are perfect for skiing.

5. Penticton Isn’t Too Crowded

Even though the popularity of the town as a residential area has increased tremendously over the last few years Penticton is still comparatively a lot less crowded compared to other places in Canada and British Columbia. This means there is not a lot of traffic even during rush hours. Residents enjoy a lot of peace and quiet.

6. Penticton Has Great Wine

Penticton has stunning vineyards located in its rolling hills area.  They produce world-class high-quality wine. Penticton is home to over 24 licensed wineries that offer award-winning wine which pairs amazingly well with the natural beauty of the area. There are also several craft breweries and distilleries in the area.

7. Penticton Supports Local Art, Culture and Businesses.

The residents and businesses of Penticton love art and support their local artists.  One can find local art proudly displayed in cafes and bistros in the area. Penticton also has its own art gallery, which celebrates local art and regularly holds events for locals to enjoy. Local eateries play an essential part in shaping the culture.  They serve delicious food, local wine, and craft beer. And they provide local performers with a stage to show off their skills. Local businesses are also loved, supported and celebrated by residents.

8. Penticton Is Active

Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake have sidewalks and boardwalks that are usually filled with people walking, running, jogging or just strolling as they enjoy the great summer weather. Penticton also hosts many sports events throughout the year where athletes from all over Canada and around the world participate.