Are Couriers Offered Any Additional Services?


Depending on which courier you use to make your deliveries, couriers provide a variety of extra services. Let’s quickly discuss a few of the more well-liked extra services that logistics company Indianapolis  provide customers down below:

  • Pallet Deliveries: A few courier services offer pallet deliveries of items. This makes it simpler for warehouses to offload and unload goods, and it enables clients to adhere to stringent delivery deadlines without incurring exorbitant costs.
  • Insurance: A number of courier services also provide additional insurance coverage. You will receive a predetermined reimbursement amount for missing and damaged items if you add insurance to your delivery. The amount of your reimbursement and the things that are protected will differ across carriers.
  • Warehouse Services: Pick a courier that provides warehousing services if you frequently need to make large deliveries. With the aid of these services, business owners may better manage their products and operations. Picking and packing, cross-docking procedures, storage options, storage reporting, and dispatch services are all examples of warehousing services.

Ways In Which Couriers Ship Goods:

Worldwide Couriers

If you want to ship a package overseas to another nation, an international courier is ideal. An international courier can assist you in determining the governmental jurisdiction constraints in addition to assisting you ship your things. They may also assist you in learning about weight and size restrictions as well as prohibited products to avoid running afoul of customs. A private international courier service, as opposed to the postal service, has no jurisdiction and can handle your delivery from start to finish. A safer and more dependable transportation technique is typically using an international courier service.

Demand-Based Couriers

Use an on-demand courier like Pillow Logistics when you need a delivery completed more quickly than can be accomplished by a same-day delivery service. On-demand couriers are more flexible and receptive of customers’ shipment requirements. You will have a dedicated courier if you select an on-demand courier delivery service. Without making any other deliveries, this courier will go directly to a customer’s address to pick up and deliver a delivery. Although this service is typically more expensive, there are numerous benefits:

  • The vehicle used for delivery is up to you.
  • Rapid parcel delivery will be to your advantage.
  • Using a map function, you may locate the driver.
  • Perfect security will be provided, and there will be little chance of damage.