5 Types Of Printed Marketing Materials Businesses Need In The Digital Age


Although most forms of ads are now published online, print materials still have a place in your business marketing strategy.

With different media to choose from, print marketing is one of the best channels where you can get creative. You can play with different designs, colors, and fonts. You can choose to be professional or whimsical with your final material as well.

Well-made printed marketing materials can easily grab the attention of the people who receive or see them. When the flyer or poster has an impressive, fascinating design, it will catch the eye of the receiver or passerby. They will then read and keep the material, which means the chances of them engaging with you will be higher.

Moreover, there are various ways by which you can use your print marketing materials creatively. For instance, you can have your promotional content printed on glossy cardboard pieces designed to be used as hand fans.  

Due to the dual functionality of your material, you will encourage the recipient to hold on to your item longer.

Lastly, print marketing materials demonstrate that a company puts more effort into its advertising tools. This helps them appear more credible and serious about what they do, crucial factors that customers use to decide whether or not to buy something from your business.

Offline marketing materials to invest in

Not all traditional forms of advertising, however, are useful today. If you want to be sure you’ll be employing the best ones for your advertising campaigns, choose one or more from the list below of effective print marketing materials:

  • Stickers

This type of printed marketing material is one of the most powerful around. Stickers are effective in growing your brand since they are interactive in nature. They can be placed anywhere: on doors, windows, bags, laptops, and car bumpers– nearly any place you can think of. They work since they are easily noticeable and act as constant reminders of your business.

Moreover, if your sticker is placed on a car, bag, or laptop, it means your marketing material can go anywhere. This translates into more exposure for your business.

Including decals in your marketing arsenal is cost-effective as well. Good-quality sticker printing is not too expensive. As long as you have a standout design and choose the right printer, you will have promotional materials that literally can take your business places.

  • Posters

This type of printed advertising material is highly effective as well since posters can be designed and placed in ways that can make an impact and stay in the minds of your target audience.

Posters are the perfect platforms to show your business’s creative side. Your design can showcase a variety of images or graphics, different types of fonts, and colors that support your message.

Additionally, they are highly visible and effective in targeting a captive audience. If you place your posters near entrances and exits, lifts, escalators, and eating areas, people will quickly see them. The repeated exposure means your audience will remember the message on your material easily as well.

When placed strategically, posters will continuously remind people that your business exists and what products or services you provide.

  • Brochures

All companies, regardless of their size and type of business, need brochures to let customers know about the products and services they provide. As such, brochures are one of the printed marketing materials that you need to have as well.

Brochures provide people with more information about your company. Whether you’re having these materials distributed at a conference, trade show, or on the streets, the person who receives one will get key details about your firm, even if his or her interaction with your staff is short.

Brochures can serve various purposes, too. They can be used in product promotions, as programs for events, and even for recruiting. Because of this, they are also one of the most versatile printed promotional materials around.  

  • Letterhead and customized envelopes

Customized letterheads and envelopes give your written communications with your customers and other people a sense of legitimacy and professionalism. These materials show that you pay attention to detail in all aspects of your business.

Additionally, they can enhance your efforts and reinforce your brand image.

When your letterhead and envelopes are designed and printed well, they will impress everyone. Because of this, they can be powerful tools that will help convince people to go with your product or service instead of your competitors.

People tend to reuse envelopes as well. As such, the recipients will keep your custom-printed packets around, which can also build brand recall and even lead to future engagement.

  • Business cards

Lastly, although everyone immediately stores the contact details of people they meet or companies that catch their attention on their mobile phones, giving out and receiving business cards are still standard practices today.

When you have well-designed cards created by a trusted business card printing company, you can hand them out any chance you get. This will ensure that potential and returning customers can access your information when they need it.

Moreover, when you hand people your business cards, it tells them that your company is prepared to accept more business. Since they can become potential new customers, your card will also provide them with ideas as to how organized and professional your company is.

Since we are living in a digital world, it is crucial that you make use of your printed marketing materials to boost your online presence. This means making sure your offline promotional tools have and even highlight your website, email address, and app if you have one.

When you maximize the potential of both your offline and online marketing materials, you can expand and take your business to greater heights.


Michael Gribben specializes in Marketing and Product Development at King Printers Co. Ltd in Osaka, Japan and is the spokesperson for Print Arabia, the first Japanese online printing company in Dubai, UAE. Print Arabia offers hassle-free offset and digital printing, as well as large format, novelty, and T-shirt printing services.