Why Should You Hire An Experienced And Professional SEO Agency To Build Reputation?


From today’s perspective, it has become more important to build your online reputation because nowadays every business including small businesses has their online presence. Whatever the quality of your product or service may be, unless it is backed by a suitable SEO strategy, you cannot just grow.

It may take years for you to establish yourself and build your reputation, but it can destroy you within just a few minutes if you are not careful enough. You must have heard the story of Domino Pizza how its reputation got damaged when someone uploaded a negative video on YouTube.

That is why it makes good sense in hiring an agency like Australian Internet Advertising, who will not only take care of your Sydney SEO strategy but also maintain your online reputation so that your business can continue to grow steadily.

The following are a few facts that we cannot afford to ignore:-

  • These days, almost 92% of consumers will first read online reviews before choosing any vendor or supplier
  • About 72% of consumers generally trust online reviews like any personal recommendations
  • More than 80% of the risk of reputation damage is a hype that may not be reality-based
  • 75% of brand value that is created will be based on the reputation of any business
  • Almost 59% of businesses have already encountered a certain PR crisis, but just only 54% have any readily available plan if it ever happens.

One of the most proactive reputation management steps a firm can do is to monitor what is being said about it. If Domino’s had been tracking name mentions, they might have been able to take corrective action sooner.

How A Professional Agency Can Help?

A single bad comment, particularly if it has a very high Google score, can damage the reputation of any company and make potential customers suspicious.

We also have spent enough time on various social media platforms and many other review sites and read various reviews that are written about various companies and how they manage their online reputation.

As you know, no brand is fully immune to any type of negative feedback, hence ORM (Online Reputation Management) relies on reverse SEO to save the day. Its goal is to push good information to the top of search results pages while suppressing bad content.

To change the ranks of a specific article, reverse SEO employs several techniques, with a concentration on off-site optimization, social networking, and blogging. The following are some examples of techniques:

  • By creating a blog and also new social media profiles
  • By creating and posting favorable content more often
  • By defining certain positive keywords about the company or brand and then using them strategically
  • By offering the answer to reviews and ranking given on websites
  • By creating search alerts and following the latest comments about the brands
  • By engaging with various users on social media.

Finally, SEO can also help ORM and will be necessary for establishing a positive reputation. A certain SEO plan is needed for every ORM campaign, otherwise, it will not achieve the greatest results for your company.