What Is the Best Time To Distribute Leaflets In London?


The timing and scheduling of your leaflet distribution campaign can have a more profound impact on its success than you would think. For instance, there are over 1 million corporate offices in London. Over 65% of these follow the 9 to 5 schedule.

If you want to improve your market reach through leaflets, you may consider distributing them right before 9 or right after 5. Experts specialising in leaflet distribution London can help you find strategic timings for leaflet distribution.

These experts work with other local businesses in London and know the best months, days, and times to distribute specific leaflets.

Understand Your Target Audience

To find the best time to distribute leaflets in London, you must first understand your target audience. It will also help if you make a list of all the locations they are likely to visit. For instance, assume that you are an educational app service targeting college students.

It would be unwise to distribute leaflets during college hours. London is home to over 380,000 students. The best time to connect with students through flyers and leaflets will be during the evening after class.

You may also find popular student hangouts in the city and distribute your flyers in these locations during the weekend. Distributing leaflets outside the university entrance may be your best bet to ensure maximum reach.

Choose Between Weekdays And Weekends

If you run a retail business in London or an entertainment service, weekends may be the best time to distribute leaflets. There are around 5121 restaurants in London. Entertainment avenues, restaurants, and retail stores may not see too many customers during the weekdays.

Hence the number of flyers you get to roll out will be considerably low. Unlike posters, flyers and leaflets are not stuck on immobile surfaces for days or even months. Your target customers may forget all about the leaflets in a few minutes since they receive them.

Hence it’s critical to choose the suitable timing for leaflet distribution in London. You may also consider distributing flyers during traffic rush hours.

Public Holidays And Festivals

Public holidays are an excellent time for leaflet distribution in London. Make a list of the most popular public holidays in the city and schedule your campaign around these holidays. Festivals like Christmas are very popular in London.

Christmas-themed flyers with Christmas messages and graphics may be the best methods to grab your customer’s attention. People are out and about for shopping, visits, and get-togethers during the festival season.

Additionally, people are not in a rush to get to work during this time. So you will have a much better shot at getting customers to notice the contents of your leaflet. The best timing for your leaflet campaign will also vary based on the seasonality of your product or service.

Consider Distributor Preferences

If you use distributors, ambassadors, or other professionals for help with leaflet distribution, it is vital to consider the flexibility of their schedules as well. Also, study your competitors’ strategies regarding leaflet distribution timing.

Wrap Up

There are no steady rules to decide the best time to distribute leaflets in London. Choose the timing based on your target audience’s habits, the product’s nature, and other logistically relevant factors.