Top 5 Online Tools To Use During Lockdown


As the Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day and it will take a long time to recover from this pandemic. The big stock markets are suffering. Most of the businesses are losing customers.  and workers are losing jobs. The situation has become frightening, frustrating and worse. In these circumstances, some of the companies have introduced free tools to communicate with each other and can do the work. These powerful tools will not help business people only but can help organizations, schools, colleges. teams and families too. They can arrange online events to discuss the current situation and further actions. Below are the top 5 tools available in the market to help you out:

Zoom:    Zoom has emerged as the best and popular tool in the lockdown. It is widely used by many of the organisations and schools during the lockdown.  It is very easy to use and gives a stable platform for teaching, video conferencing, Webinar, collaboration and chat. Zoom is flexible and simply works across all of your operating systems like – PC, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android. So it helps to work freely while locked down.

Google Hangouts:   Google Hangouts, another best-used tool for communication like Call, video conferencing, chat, file-sharing and video calls. It provides a good quality to its customers and is easy via call or video chat, and also syncs beautifully with your smartphone. A video call also provides the option to share screens and good to use for training purposes etc. 

Hubstaff:    It doesn’t matter what size or type of business you run, it helps to keep track of your business, keeping track of your employee’s working and their time management. Hubstaff helps you to ensure maximum productivity from the staff working at different locations. Now you need not maintain heavy timesheets and look at each of them for productivity. It helps to work or schedule online events with the staff smoothly. It can also take automatic screenshots to see your staff’s work.

Stripe:  This is an online payment tool and provides numerous options. It allows the businesses to create a customised checkout option enabling different devices. Stripe gives a different types of payment methods that are easy to use without any hassle. Below are some of the payment options it provides: 

Credit card interface payment

Refunds and automatic CVC/AVS checks

Can make Invoicing, payment requests

Can do Wallet payments like -Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay, WeChat Pay etc.

Plugin for WooCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce, etc.

Help Scout:   Another good online tool that helps in managing and good communication among employees. It contains a simple interface, which helps the team to share mailboxes and connect with clients or consumers in a variety of ways. It also helps to track and save communication. It provides a powerful tracking tool that helps to measure the team’s productions and actions. Scout is a fantastic tool, because of its simplicity but is very powerful in its capability. Its support team is very fast, and highly responsive.

The above-mentioned smart online tools incredibly help a lot during this lockdown and hope you can take advantage of these. These are also good for a business to track its employees and get the desired product. No doubt there are many other tools in the market but these will provide you with a secure, fast and stable connectivity solution. I hope you will benefit from these.