Tips On Keeping Your Office Printer Operating For Years


Electronic devices are subjected to constant upgrades and updates which means that what is latest in the market today will soon be replaced with something even better in a matter of months, if not years.

Take the example of HP printers, they revolutionized the way people looked at printers. Xerox came up with Bluetooth-enabled printers which were later refined by HP with their Wi-Fi-enabled printers. Even after having a considerable market share, people often find it hard to get their hands on OEM hp printer parts.

It is one of the many reasons why people should take some easy measures to make sure that their office printer stays working for years to come. Let us take a look at some of those tips in the sections below:

Make sure that the printer heads are clean

There are many instances when one can look at a printed document and get shocked. Suppose you are holding a document that you just took out of your printer but all you can see, are white lines at specified intervals, running in between the text or graphics. The reason you ask? You are pretty sure that your printer has its cartridges full. Well, it is a clear sign that the printer heads are clogged with debris or toner build-up and are in dire need of a thorough cleaning session. Be sure you follow the instructions mentioned in the operator’s manual of your printer. Chances are high that your printer has a self-cleaning mechanism so tread carefully.

Keep the printer clean

Apart from keeping the printer heads clean, one should also make sure that the printer itself is kept away from moisture, dust, and debris. If the printer is not kept clean, similar to the case mentioned above, you will see the consequences in the printed documents in the form of white streaks or a jammed document that won’t even budge, no matter how hard you try. It is advised to use canned air or a small, low-powered vacuum cleaner when you are cleaning your printer and keeping it from accumulated toner debris, dust and static.

To clean the hard-to-reach corners of the printer, you can use cleaning spirit and a cotton swab for desired results. Although, be sure to consult with your printer’s operator’s manual before cleaning the same yourself.

In case of mechanical issues, resolve them as soon as possible

In case the printer is heating up more often than it should or making unusual noises when printing a document, chances are high that it might be facing some electromechanical issues. It is best to get the printer inspected as soon as possible so that matters are resolved quickly, thereby saving you time and unwanted expenses.

No electronic device is meant to last forever but with some easy maintenance and careful operations, one can make sure that their office printer stays working for years to come. Be sure to carry out the tips mentioned in the above section for optimal results. It is also advised to always go for genuine replacement parts for your printer. If you opt for cheaper aftermarket parts, chances are high that you are doing more harm than good to your printer.