Why A Psychometric Test Is Essential In Recruitment


It is difficult to find straight forward solutions inadequate talent pool prevalent in a developing nation. Often skills go unnoticed and talent goes wasted due to a bad choice made by an employer. Surprisingly, a time tested approach to hiring through scientific analysis has made it possible to measure the capability of an individual. This helps the ill-informed employer to make firm decisions based on the real time employability of a candidate.

This has been made possible with psychometry, which means measurement in Greek. It is a means to assess the aptitude and personality of a candidate during an interview. Also, a psychometric assessment does offer recruitment formats by considering a 360 degree perspective in an interview.

Here is why such an analysis is essential for recruitment.


Analysis of aptitude is nothing but measuring specific or general set of skills apt for the individual depending on the type of job applied. There are various factors to decide if one is competitive enough or possesses the skills required to meet the job requirements. This can be assessed with tests such as numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, inductive, diagrammatic, logical and error checking tests .The information or data also simplify the complex process of identifying your area of interest, providing the information and help make informed decision.


These tests administered will determine job type and sector and reveal the one who can be inducted into the specific category. Such assessments are helpful in not only evaluating those candidates applying for jobs in science or with advanced technical skills but also for testing candidates who are specifically help in innovation.

The multiple-choice questions answered in a specific time frame also check the ability of problem-solving. Most of the organisations that specialise in technological innovation have found solutions to hiring the right candidate with inductive tests.


Overtaking the paper-based- test, the core area of competency has shifted the approach to online assessments, which even now are a part of assessments of capability and skills tests. A psychometric assessment combines the effort of skill-based technology to meet suitable aspiring knowledgeable talent of the industry. It comprises multiple choice questions evaluated on specialist systems. This apart from the timely evaluation helps recruiters hire based on the skills represented by an individual with a dynamic mindset.

Personality Tests

From these tests can also show how quickly an individual can learn a new set of skills. The competitive market is looking at many factors to fill in the gap during the recruitment process. This also includes knowledge and experience through a series of aptitude tests in areas such as decision-making and teamwork. Such personality tests predict if one has the right attitude and personality to fit in with the organization’s cultureand vision.

There are people who come out of successful in an interview even though they are average achievers. If you think some people are born to give better interview it’s not true. You can be better than the other with different types of analysis that influences the performance before interview and after recruitment.

Indeed, a true reflection of an individual’s score is by performance. The performance after his recruitment in the organization among the cut throat competition is rather different and would require more than just academic excellence. This is why most of the organizations today believe in skill based assessments.