Pink Diamonds Are A Future Investment – Why?


The realm of investment is moving forward in a steadfast way. The new addition to the domain of future investment is the pink diamonds. Often these diamonds are considered as the investment of the future. There are a number of reasons as to why it is believed that the future of investments is in pink diamonds. The market for these stones is also gradually climbing its peak. It is also a rare stone which is an aspect of fascination to many people.

The market for Pink Diamond

For a considerable length of time, these diamonds have been exceedingly pined for in the jewel advertise. This is the reason they have a place in the keen investor’s portfolio. In addition to the fact that they are one of the rarest kinds of every precious shaded stone, 90 to 95% of the worldwide supply comes from the Argyle mine in Australia, which is shutting in 2020. The foreseen shortage has soar costs for pink precious stone ventures, even at lower quality and grading of the colour.

Reasons for Pink Diamond to be the Epitome of Investment in Future

Increase in the Demand

There is an increase in the demand for coloured diamonds. Pink diamonds are one of the stones that are in high demand in the modern jewellery market. The demand for these diamonds is what makes them an asset of rarity, and this can hold great importance in the near future.

Limited Nature of the Diamonds

The diamonds that are pink are rare, and there is a limited amount of them in the world. This limited aspect of diamonds is found in Australia and is in demand throughout the world. Due to the fact that these diamonds are limited and rare, they will be a great asset for investments in the future.

Rare Global Source

The major source of the pink diamond is only one, and that is another reason that enhances the rarity of these stones. The Argyle mine in Australia is the major source of these beautiful and rare stones. This feature is going to make them priceless in the future and make them an epitome asset for investments.

Imminent Increase in Price

By the year 2020, the Argyle mine is going to be depleted of the pink diamond. This is going to put an end to the supply of the pink diamond in the world economy. This is going to put an imminent hike in the price of these stones. This is a reason that is believed by the diamond experts of the world.

Wearable Investments

The pink diamond is an amazing stone and is often used in jewellery. These are going to be great aspects of investment as they are wearable investments. You can buy them and wear them while their prices increase in the world economy.

These are the major reasons why these diamonds are going to be the biggest thing in the domain of investments in the near future. This makes sure that these diamonds will be an enormous aspect to look out for in the future domain of investment.