Pause Time for Piso Wifi Login Portal to Use the Internet

Time for Piso Wifi

You can use the address bar to enter Piso wifi pause time to log in. On the other hand, we have instructions on how to access Piso wifi stop time.

How to Login to Portal Piso WiFi Login

To access a Piso WiFi portal, log in:

  • Join the Piso wireless network.
  • Launch a web browser.
  • In the address bar, type “”.
  • Input your login information (password and username typically).
  • Go to the system management dashboard.

Router Login and Password by Default Login to the Portal Piso WiFi

In order to access a portal for a Piso Wifi system with IP address, you must take the following general actions:

  1. Link to the Piso Wifi Network: Ensure that your laptop, smartphone, or tablet is linked to the Wi-Fi network that the Piso Wifi system has made available. The network name (SSID) ought to appear in the list of available Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Launch a Web Browser: Turn on your device’s web browser. Popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are available for use.
  3. Put the IP address in here: Type “” into the address box of the web browser and hit “Enter.” Ensure that the prefix “http://” is included.
  4. Go to the Login Page: You should be able to access the LPB Piso Wifi portal’s login page by using the IP address Make sure you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network and that the Piso Wifi system is up and operating if you are unable to access the login screen.
  5. Sign in: You will probably need to enter your login credentials on the login page. Depending on the particular Piso Wifi system you are using, these credentials might change. The login credentials usually consist of a password and username. Typical default login information could be:
  6. Login as adminLogin: admin
    If you are unable to access the login credentials, you can seek help from the Piso Wifi system administrator or consult the user handbook.
  7. Access the Dashboard: The dashboard, also known as the control panel, of the Piso Wifi system should be available to you after you have successfully logged in. You can adjust settings, keep an eye on network use, and carry out different administrative duties from there.

Using IP address, how can I pause the time on my Piso WiFi system?

If your Piso Wifi system has an IP address, you usually need to access the admin or management page in order to halt the time. “” should be entered in the address bar of an open browser. Enter your admin credentials to log in.

To pause the time for particular users or devices, go to the “Time Control” or “Pause Time” section after logging in. To choose the user or device and the amount of time you wish to pause, follow the on-screen instructions.

What is the WiFi pause time of Piso?

Depending on how the administrator or owner of the system has configured it, the piso wifi pause or timeout length for a Piso Wifi system at that IP address may differ. The amount of time a person has to use the internet before their session is automatically disconnected or halted is known as the pause time.

Generally, network managers can include the pause time in their network management settings for Piso Wifi. A typical pause could last anything from 30 minutes to many hours, although the precise amount of time in lpb.With the Piso Wifi system, wifi pause can be tailored to the needs of the company or establishment.

If you’re a Piso Wifi system administrator or user and you want to know the precise pause time for your particular system, you can get in touch with the system administrator or consult the documentation for your particular system. They can tell you the exact pause time app settings that are set up on your unique Piso WiFi system.


”Can I pause time on my Piso Wifi system for every user at once?

Yes, you can pause time for all users at once on some Piso Wifi networks. Look for the “Pause All” or a comparable option in the admin portal. To momentarily halt all linked devices’ internet connectivity, click on it.

How can I get my Piso WiFi system to resume the paused time?

Enter the admin portal at, go to the “Time Control” or “Pause Time” area, and choose the user or device whose access you wish to restore. This will restart the halted time. Next, select “Resume” or “Unpause” by clicking the button. The chosen person or device’s internet connectivity will be restored by this step.

What should I do if I can’t remember my Piso WiFi system’s admin login information?

You might have to reset the router to its factory settings if you lose the admin login credentials. Usually, it entails holding down the device’s reset button for a predetermined period of time. Please utilise this option carefully as it will remove all custom settings; for detailed instructions pertaining to your Piso Wifi model, go to the user manual or get in touch with customer support.