Onsider Whether Creating A Swiss Holding Company Is The Right Option For Your Businesses

Holding Company

If you own multiple large businesses, you may consider forming a holding company in order to bring all of your business under one umbrella. The holding company will hold the assets and stock of your other companies. This is common practice for many large companies and corporations in many countries around the world. Almost all of the brands and companies that operate today are owned by a larger “parent company,” which is a holding company. Switzerland is a popular country for business owners to establish their holding companies in for many reasons, including lower taxes and business-friendly practices. Contact a Swiss firm that can help you find out more information on creating your holding company today.

What is a Holding Company?

A Swiss Holding Company is a company that holds and manages the activities of other companies. In order to remain a holding company, the organisation cannot conduct any other business in Switzerland. Canton Zug is the most business-friendly location in Switzerland. A quarter of holding companies that are established in the country are located in this region. If you are interested in establishing a holding company, Switzerland is a great country to do so because of its business-friendly practices and low tax rates. Contact a company in Switzerland today for help with creating a holding company of your own.

Help Adhering to International Regulations

There are many international regulations, as well as country-specific regulations, that go along with forming and running businesses and holding companies. This is why it helps to work with a firm when creating a holding company, as they will help you navigate and adhere to international regulations and will make sure everything is set up correctly so you will have no legal problems down the road. Unless you have a lot of experience and specialised training on how to set up holding companies, it is very helpful to work with an expert firm that will take care of the hard work for you.

A Company That Cares About You

A great firm that specialises in Swiss holding companies should care about you and your businesses. This is important to make sure that they do a good job and treat your business with as much care as they would their own. Choose a firm that takes a holistic approach. This means that they will get to know your business well to ensure that you get the best set-up to fit your personal and business needs. They should employ many experts in different fields so you will get the best service possible. Get in contact with a firm like this today to get started creating a holding company for your businesses.