Man And Machine Collaboration

Man And Machine

It seems that we are slowly accepting the fact that robots are not all bad. Robotics seems to be taking over all aspects of our lives. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that robots are being packaged as helpful, interactive and friendly. Contrary to the way in which they were menacingly packaged back in the 90s with movies such as Terminator and Cyborg coming to take over the world. We are now entertained by movies about robotic pets and friends that become our friends and even show emotion.

With the insurgence of collaborative robots, also known as COBOTS, we can see that people are embracing this not-so-new technology. This is because both man and machine are able to work side by side and neither is a threat to the other.

Health and safety has been raised in the workplace in the last 5 years due to the use of COBOTS and it is even said that more women are able to get jobs in factories that would normally not hire women due to the magnitude of some of the tasks.

In the Industry

The industrial manufacturing sector has seen the most benefits from these machines because now more arduous and intricate tasks can be handled by the industrial robot arm. Gluing, screwing, welding and even carrying heavy objects that would normally require much care and strength. These COBOTS which are easily operated on the ground or remotely have made it easier, safer and efficient to carry out daunting tasks with minimal risks and maximum gains. The accuracy with which tasks are carried out has made such a difference in man hours that more and more companies in production are looking to use collaborative robots more.

There are many types of robotic arms and the science is still being perfected. Europe has always had the monopoly of creating these machines but Asia is definitely catching up pretty fast. As we know, physics and mathematics are big in Asia and it is not surprising that they would want a piece of this cake.

Recently, a young boy in Tanzania created his own robot, from scratch using material worth

$10, to entertain his friends. He did however state that robotics is the new way of the world because it makes everything easier to handle and faster. He believed that it would be a shame for Africa to be left behind.

Can We Dig It

Agriculture is another area that robotics has featured in a big way. From soil sampling to seedling transfers, to greenhouse tending, robotics technology has in many ways improved the ways in which we grow our plants. Africa is currently investing hugely in robotics due to the fact that it relies greatly on farming and Climate change has not been kind. A lot of resources are going into finding better ways to get a better yield and this has made milestones with the help of robotics.

Let’s Get Some Meds

Apart from the fact that robotics are used in labs in many ways, scientists are now using robotics in place of limbs for those who may have the misfortune of losing them and even to help in movement for those whose nerves have been affected by sclerosis. There are also bots that are able to read brain signals and assist children suffering from autism. This is a big leap for science as these children are able to communicate better and therefore have a better childhood.

To The Future

As is evident, robotics is the future, no denying that. Man will create machines to either entertain or assist in the tasks as is evident by the 18th Century Swiss watchmaker

Jacquet-Droz when he created the dolls Automata to write, draw and play the piano. We are not a long way from this creation as we are now creating life-size dolls to cater to specific needs.