Why You Should Look Into Gummed Tape

Gummed Tape

Custom printed tape is a product online companies are looking to use. Before Amazon made it big in the ecommerce world, gummed tape, also known as water-activated tape, was almost at the point of extinction. Not many companies were using it mainly due to the specific dispensers they would need to get in order to apply it on the box.

But when Amazon decided to go with gummed tape, many other ecommerce companies followed suit. This then began the gummed tape craze where other ecommerce companies who can also afford the machine dispenser started using it too.

It is actually possible to apply gummed tape by hand but it is a lengthy process. One would first measure the length they need, cut it, then apply the proper amount of water to the glue. The trick is to apply the right amount of water to the tape for it to stick during transit but not apply too much for it to start sliding off.

Gummed tape offers many advantages for users as compared to other packaging tapes. It provides superior product protection, tamper evident sealing, tidy professional appearance as well as costing you less in the long run on tape. The machine dispensers there are nowadays for gummed tape application cuts the exact size you need without even wasting a millimetre.

In some instances, it is not possible to recycle boxes with the plastic tape still attached to them. But with gummed tape, since it is also carton itself, they are all completely recyclable.

There are two kinds of bonds that stick to packages. They are superficial and permanent. Superficial bond means the glue is not entirely reactivated by the dispenser. Whereas permanent bond signifies that the glue is completely reactivated by the dispenser.

Some other uses of gummed tape that can only be fulfilled with the product are covering old labels or markings to reduce confusion in shipment. For other types of tape, when a box is overstuffed, you would have to go with a wider tape with a thicker coat of adhesive. Also when it is under stuffed, you would have to adjust the size of the box to prevent the tape from unbinding. Gummed tape is the best option when it comes to these problems without having to readjust.

Other benefit of gummed tape is the fact that it will bind to a box in more instances than plastic tapes will. The performance of plastic tape depends on dust, temperature as well as time. Through time, some PVC tapes will actually dry out and separate from the adhesive.