How Are Solar Panels Installed? Your Questions Answered


Did you know that by 2024, 2.5% of all American homes will have solar panels installed? As a whole, we’re becoming more eco-conscious!

You might’ve looked at your utility bills lately and gasped at the prices. And you’re also feeling guilty about your carbon footprint. So you’re considering having solar panels put on your house to not only lower your utility costs, but also to be kinder to the planet.

How are solar panels installed anyway? We’ll answer your burning question below!

How Are Solar Panels Installed?

First of all, your solar panel installation will depend on which type of system you choose. If you’re not sure which one’s right for you, it’s always good to speak with several solar panel installers to get their expert opinions.

Below are the common types of solar panel systems you can get and how they’re installed.

Grid-Connected System

This is the most popular type of solar panel system because not only is it the cheapest, but it’s the easiest to install.

The installers will come set up scaffolding and then install the solar panel mounts.

How are solar panels mounted? For the majority of residential installations, direct-mounted systems are used. These will rotate up to 36 degrees to get the maximum amount of sunlight.

Once the mounts are in place, the solar panels can be installed on top. Then, the solar panels are wired up to your home’s electrical system. Lastly, the solar inverter is installed and connected to your solar panels and consumer unit.

With this system, if you ever generate more energy than you use, you can often sell it back to the utility company through net metering. Do note that because this system doesn’t have batteries, any time you can’t generate solar power, you’ll have to use grid power.

Grid-Connected System With Batteries

This type of solar system is very similar to the last one but comes with batteries. This means that the installation process is the same but with some extra steps at the end.

The installers will connect your solar inverter to a solar battery. This will store energy generated during sunny times so you can use it when there’s bad weather.

Off-Grid System

An off-grid system is the most complicated and expensive system to install. This is because you’ll need extra equipment to be self-reliant, as you won’t be connected to the system at all.

With this system, solar batteries are a must. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sustain yourself on solar energy alone.

As for the rest of the installation process, it’s pretty similar to the other systems as you’ll need the same parts for an operable solar power system.

Ask About Solar Panel Installation Today

Now that you’ve gotten an answer to the question, “How are solar panels installed,” you’re ready to have them put on your house. The next step is to get in touch with some companies to see what they can offer and at what prices. Make sure to get multiple estimates to get the best results possible!

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