Exemplary Leadership & Brand Promotional Skills That Led To The Rise Of A Company


The William Lauder affair with the Estee Lauder Company has been a golden era for the American beauty and cosmetic industry. He was a trendsetter and made his company one of the top global companies in the world.  William Lauder’s exemplary leadership and motivational skills played a critical role in the success of many of his innovative marketing strategies like the concept of a store within a store. This concept became so popular that it was imbibed by many beauty and cosmetic companies across the world.

Being an outstanding team leader will also be able to motivate and bring out the best in his employees and staff. These innovative marketing strategies not only took the cosmetic industry by surprise but also won the appreciation the company’s customers. He also introduced many such innovative strategies digital operations of the company so that they could interact with the company and render their feedback to the company.

During the William Lauder affair with the company, he was successful in formulating and implementing a number of innovative strategic plans that made these and many new products an instant success in the international arena. Under his tenure as the President of Clinique, the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion became the best-selling product in the prestigious beauty category. Soon after this success, Clinique launched the world’s first anti-aging serum in the market.

When taking control of the distribution and retail channels of the company, he introduced many innovative marketing strategies and techniques that increased the brand portfolio of the company successfully. He was in charge of nine specialty brands and the notable among them were MAC, Bobbi Brown, Origins and Clinique. Today, thanks to his efforts and defined vision, the brand portfolio of the Company has 25 brands.

He worked extensively on expanding the distribution and retail operations of the Company. His innovative strategies created a storm in the international cosmetic industry and propelled the company to new heights. The William Lauder affair with the Estee Lauder Company made it a top global name. As a leader, he was an effective team player and leader. His subordinates respect him for his zeal and enthusiastic presence. He is the ideal role model for the company and is regarded as one of the most friendly business leaders the USA has. He is well-loved by his peers and subordinates. He has drive, passion and today is a major inspiration for many aspiring business leaders in the USA and the whole world!