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Choose Modular Cleanrooms For Contamination-Free Workspace

Choose Modular Cleanrooms For Contamination-Free Workspace

A clean room refers to an environment which is particularly meant for manufacturing of scientific equipments, sensitive devices or to carry out scientific research. In such an environment, there is minimum level of environmental pollutants such as dust, pollens, airborne microbes, chemical vapors and other minute particles which are otherwise not visible with an eye under normal conditions. In other words, a cleanroom has controlled level of contamination.

Such type of environment is mostly used in pharmaceutical productions or such other manufacturing tasks which require high level of contamination free workspace. Under the cleanroom environment, environmental factors are also kept under control. These factors include temperature, rate of air flow, humidity, pressurization etc. In case, you also wish to have a completely clean and contamination-free environment at your workplace, you may also choose modular cleanrooms. Here are some tips to do so.

Size- First of all you need to consider the size of your workplace in order to get a modular cleanroom installed so as to make the environment free of all types of pollutants and microbes. It is because you may wish to cover some specific area of your workspace such as where production of sensitive materials takes place or where some scientific research is going on. Apart from size, shape of the area also matters a lot while choosing a modular cleanroom. It is because the shape of cleanroom must correspond with the shape of the workspace where it is to be installed.

Location- You also need to consider the location where you wish to get the modular cleanroom installed at your workplace. You may wish to get particular area of your workplace and not the entire space, equipped with cleanroom so as to make it completely pollution-free.

Cost- It is perhaps the most important consideration as you will be required to spend some handsome amount of money in getting a modular cleanroom installed at your place. It must be within your budget limits.

Number of workers at your workplace- You also need to consider the number of workers at your workplace in order to select modular cleanrooms for your place. The capacity of the cleanroom selected by you must be according to the workforce at your place.

ISO standards- While choosing modular cleanrooms for your workspace, you also need to check with what ISO standards these confirm to such as ISO Level 1, Level 2, Level3 and so on. Conformity with the ISO standards makes them accepted at universal level. It means even if you are working at international level, you won’t face any problems while working with your foreign clients or other people as they will feel completely comfortable in the contamination-free workspace offered by the modular cleanroom.

Working capacity to make your place completely pollution-free- Although modular cleanrooms are meant to make any place completely pollution-free where these are installed however you still need to check the working capacity of the modular cleanroom selected by you such as air filtering capacity per hour, pressure and humidity of air and temperature. All these factors must be completely in compliance with the requirements of your workplace.

This way you may successfully select the most appropriate modular cleanroom to make your work-place contamination-free.

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