Why Your Business Needs Cloud Telephony Instead Of Traditional Telephony


Small businesses and startups need to harness the power of radical technology, and adopt the latest innovations in the business world to gain a competitive advantage. Call center software has eroded every industry domain in the corporate arena, and managers find them a potent tool to enhance team collaboration and workplace productivity.

Communication practices have surely come a long way in the past decade – companies across the globe have ditched traditional telephonic systems and have moved on to virtual phone systems. This novel technology that allows users to make voice calls over an internet broadband connection, thereby leading to better productivity and operational workflow.

Business phone numbers are a huge asset as they are highly affordable and have a number of features that help managers standardize communication practices in the modern workplace. In fact, research has proven that virtual phone numbers increase productivity levels by more than double, and lead to a 75% increase in cost savings, making it a sure shot way to boost any organization’s bottom line results.

Making the shift from traditional wired telephone systems to business phone numbers is a mammoth decision and one that often puts top leadership in a fix. Managers are often skeptical about making the big transition to call center softwares and question the need – well, there are tons of success stories of virtual phone systems, and they pump up organizational profitability to the highest possible levels.

If you are confused about getting virtual phone numbers for your company, think no more -here are five compelling reasons that highlight the urgent necessity of moving towards cloud telephony instead of the conventional telephone platforms:

  • Virtual Telephony is More Cost-Effective: It is a common myth that implementing business phone numbers is super expensive, and organizations will not be able to break even or recover the money invested. This is actually far from the truth, as traditional phone systems require a large amount of hardware and software that need constant maintenance. The upgradation and upkeep of traditional phone systems takes huge amounts of money, whereas virtual phone numbers are a one-time investment that gives back huge returns. Virtual phone numbers require no special training or maintenance expenses, making them an affordable business asset for any company.
  • Virtual Phone Systems Enhances Business Connectivity: Traditional phone solutions limit the connectivity of team members, and restrict mobility as they can only be accessed from the physical office premises. One of the biggest advantages of virtual phone numbers is that they can be accessed from any geographical location in the world – all that is required is a working internet connection. If your organization is still hung on traditional wired telephone systems, there are high chances that employees are missing out on important business calls, and losing out on great opportunities in the market. Enhanced connectivity is a prime reason that virtual telephones have become so popular – they are a manager’s best friend as they encourage remote work, and enable team members to remain in contact at any time of the day!
  • Business Phone Numbers Have Sophisticated Features: Managers often complain that traditional phone systems do not have any advanced features that help to save time, money and effort. However, virtual phone numbers have a host of revolutionary features such as call forwarding, voicemail, virtual attendant, call planner and call recording. These novel features ensure that business communication is always carried out smoothly, and ensures that there is no delay in transfer of information. The quality of voice calls made through cloud-based virtual phone numbers is highly superior to traditional phones, and there are also no line interruptions or problems. It is definitely a smart move to invest in a top virtual phone system, as it is the best way to reach the peaks of corporate success instantly!
  • Virtual Phone Numbers Allow For High Customization: Personalizing service for customers is one of the fastest and most effective methods to build a loyal long term relationship with valued clients. Traditional phone systems do not have any kind of customization options as they rely on primitive technology, however business phone numbers give managers tons of customization features. Call center softwares enable the creation of personalized greeting messages that can be played for clients, and even allows particular music tunes to play while customers wait in telephonic queues. Virtual phone packages can be catered to suit organizational requirements, and only specific modules can be purchased through software vendors. Customization through virtual phone numbers will boost customer engagement, and keep your company on the top of the satisfaction charts!

Virtual telephony is miles ahead of traditional phone networks, and there is no comparison between the two – it is time to move forward, and adopt this dynamic platform to witness the magical transformation of your organization’s revenues and profits!