A Guide To The HP Russian Keyboard Layout: How To Use And Type With Ease


The HP Russian keyboard is specifically designed for users in need of typing in the Russian language on their HP computers. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, with some guidance, you can easily navigate and use the HP Russian keyboard. This guide will provide a breakdown of the keyboard layout, key functions, and useful tips and shortcuts to improve your typing experience.

Layout of the HP Russian Keyboard:

The HP Russian keyboard follows the QWERTY layout, the standard layout for most keyboards. However, there are some noticeable differences, particularly with the placement of special characters and accent marks. The main difference between the standard QWERTY keyboard and the HP Russian keyboard is the additional Cyrillic alphabet keys, which are used to type in Russian.

The Cyrillic Alphabet:

Before we dive into the key functions of the HP Russian keyboard, let’s familiarise ourselves with the Cyrillic alphabet. This alphabet is based on the Greek alphabet and includes 33 letters. Most of these letters look identical or similar to their Latin counterparts, so it will be easy to recognise them. However, a few letters have different sounds and some unique characters that are not present in the Latin alphabet.

Key Functions:

The following are the key functions of the HP Russian keyboard that you need to keep in mind while typing in Russian:

1. Switch between English and Russian:

The HP Russian keyboard has two modes – English and Russian. You can simultaneously switch between these modes by pressing the “Alt + Shift” keys.

2. Type Cyrillic letters:

To type in Russian, you need to use the Cyrillic alphabet keys. These keys are located in the keyboard’s upper left corner and have Latin and Cyrillic letters printed on them. Press the “Shift” key along with these keys to type in uppercase letters.

3. Type accent marks and special characters:

The Russian Cyrillic language keyboard layout has two sets of accent marks and special characters commonly used in Russian – the first set is above the Russian letters, and the second is above the numbers. To use these characters, press and hold the “Alt Gr” key while typing the relevant letter or number.

Helpful Tips and Shortcuts:

1. Use a virtual keyboard for reference:

If you’re new to typing in Russian, having a virtual keyboard on your screen might be helpful as a reference. You can easily find virtual keyboards online with English and Russian layouts, making it easier to follow along.

2. Learn common shortcuts and hotkeys:

Several shortcuts and hotkeys can save you time while typing in Russian on the HP keyboard. For example, “Ctrl + A” selects all text, “Ctrl + Z” undoes the last action, and “Ctrl + C” copies selected text. It’s worth taking the time to learn these shortcuts and incorporate them into your typing routine.

3. Practice, practice, practice:

Practising regularly is the best way to become proficient at typing in Russian on the HP keyboard. Set aside a few minutes each day to type sentences or paragraphs in Russian, and gradually, you’ll become more comfortable with the layout and the Cyrillic alphabet.

In conclusion, the HP Russian keyboard may seem intimidating initially, but with a little bit of practice and familiarity with the Cyrillic alphabet, you’ll be able to use and type easily. Remember to switch between English and Russian modes, use the accent marks and special characters, and practice regularly to improve your typing skills. With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pro at typing in Russian on the HP keyboard.