7 Things To Consider Before Buying Bullion


Buying and investing in precious metals may seem manageable, but there are numerous facets to consider. If you are a newbie to the world of bullion, head to goldstackers.com.au to get precious metals at competitive prices.

Investing in precious metals has become more accessible than ever. Few investors may even think of buying minted bars or sovereign coins. But will it turn out to be a good investment for you?

Worldwide gold demand amounted to 4,021.4 metric tons in 2021, increasing from 3,759.6 metric tons in the previous year. Thus, it is proven that precious metals still stand a greater chance for people to invest in the future.

Consider the following things before buying precious metal bullion:

Best Way To Invest

There are two effective ways of investing in precious metals, buying physical metals (bullion bars or coins) or financial products like ETFs.

Investing through ETFs may seem like a convenient option, but you do not get the opportunity to own the metal you invest on.

On the other hand, buying physical gold makes you own the bars or coins as an asset without any counterparty risk.

Gold Or Silver Bullion?

Both silver and gold bullion are appealing investment options on their own. Yet, gold ranks higher than silver in terms of investment for most investors.

Additionally, gold has a more liquid market than silver, and the price is less volatile.

Bullion Bars Or Coins?

Bullion coins have proved to be a better investment in precious metals for most investors. Sovereign coins are easier to trade, easily recognisable, and sell at a higher premium than bullion bars.

Even a small bullion bar is harder to sell with higher transaction costs. In contrast, bullion coins are easy to trade and highly liquid.

Meanwhile, buying vast quantities of precious metals in large bullion bars is more feasible if you are an institutional buyer.

Best Place To Buy Bullion

The most appropriate place to buy gold or silver bullion is through a trusted online dealer. 

Look for dealers who give you a buy-and-store program with secured vaults. A reputed physical metal dealer would offer you a secure and low-cost storage solution to protect your precious goods.

Cash Or Card Payment?

A respected silver and gold bullion dealer would generally ask for cash payment over a card. Most dealers in the business usually adopt this method.

However, if a dealer asks for your credit or debit card, you may be paying more than discussed.

Compare Dealer Prices

It is vital to compare the varied dealer prices before making a decision. As an investor, you must compare the price based on precious metals’ premium and spot price.

This comparison will save you from paying an unnecessary premium or extra shipping charges. 

Rare Coins

If you are not much into coins, you must reanalyse your plan on investing in bullion rare coins.

Purchasing rare coins requires more expertise and experience to buy. Thus, if you are new to this field, it is better to seek support from a professional grading service.


With the growing economic uncertainty, investing in bullion metals like gold or silver only seems wise. 

Though it comes with a particular risk, you can plan your next move to invest in these precious physical metals with the above factors in mind.